• DIY 4' x 8' CNC Router

    Community-driven, open source project with the goal of making CNC technology accessible to everyone.

    Fully functional DIY CNC machine created by Bar Smith and supported by the Maslow cnc community.

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What is it?

Maslow cnc is an easy to use large size (4x8 feet) router machine capable of cutting big projects out of wood, a variety of plastics (e.g. acrylic and HDPE) with precision and repeatability.

With its revolutionary upright design and small footprint makes it ideal for home garages and small workshops. Maslow cnc is designed to be easy to build, affordable to buy and inexpensive to ship.

What can I do with it?

There are no limits to what you can do when you have a massive 4' x 8' feet workspace. Some of the most popular user creations are signs, trays, toys, guitars, home decoration, games, tables, chairs, and modular furniture in general.

With Maslow cnc you are not just limited to make projects that are completed exclusively on the machine, it can also be used to cut parts/fixtures for larger projects, like kayaks, RV’s, houses or cut out segments that are later assembled to make the final product.

How it works

Upgraded 2022 kit

  • New, pre-programmed, most powerful and accurate control board - Made in USA
  • 40% faster cutting speed than the Basic Maslow kit (faster X, Y & Z axis movements)
  • Latest 2022 software included - compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • New EBS 2022 easy firmware upload tool (one click)
  • New Easy 5 steps calibration
  • Upgraded Chain Slack Management
  • Automatic Router on/off, Laser on/off, Touch probe and New PWM Spindle Speed Control outputs
  • Heavy duty motors for maximum reliability
  • Automated Z-axis - 60% faster than Basic Kit.
  • Export projects directly from Fusion360, Easel, Inkscape and more..
  • Free ready to cut projects
  • Free unlimited support
  • 12 Months Full Warranty on All Parts Including free Shipping
  • Fast shipping from the USA via USPS priority mail

Flat Rate Shipping

USPS Priority Mail Service 1-5 days delivery in the USA, 6-10 days international

Ships today!

Latest Kit Version

Includes laser-cut ring system/carriages for added precision, upgraded motor gears for longer life span, most powerful shield to date (made in USA), motorized z-axis control, software, and more..

Full warranty

Our kits are fully guaranteed against any defects for 12 months after the purchasing date.

Any malfunctioning part will be replaced free of charge, including shipping.

What are Maslow CNC users making?

Below are just a few of many open-source designs shared by Maslow users. We encourage you to become a forums.maslowcnc.com  member and be part of the original group of Maslow CNC users, a thriving community of Makers where members share and learn from each other.