Updating the Control Board firmware

  • Download and unzip the latest EBS Firmware Upload Tool from HERE (choose the version suitable for your operating System)
  • Launch the tool and make sure the Control Board is connected to your computer's USB port.
  • Select the correct port and click upload, that's it

Inputs and Outputs

Automate Router On/Off  (optional)

NOTE: The following functionality is not needed for the machine to run properly, most users will just manually turn the router On before starting a cut and Off when finished.

  • Adding a relay to turn your router on/off via G-code commands.

       What's needed:

1 - SSR with Heat sink
2 - Extension cord
IMPORTANT. The relay and extension cord used must be rated for your application.
Inductive loads typically require 2-3 times the runtime amperage when power is first applied to the device.
For instance, a motor rated at 10 Amps, will often draw 20-30 amps just to get the motor's shaft in motion.

What to look for when buying a SSR

  • Please check the SSR (solid state relay) specifications to ensure compatibility and tolerances
  • Make sure:

Putting it all together

To avoid splicing the router power cord, we'll use an extension cord instead.
You will need to identify the LIVE wire in the cord which is the one to splice (usually the brown/black in the US).
Using a multimeter to do a continuity test is the easiest way to identify and splice the correct wire
WARNING - Use extreme caution when working with mains-voltage as it could be dangerous

router wiring

  • Once everything is properly connected, M3/M5 commands will turn your router On/Off.

Laser Engraver (optional)

  • Using a Laser Engraver module in place of the Router.

What's needed:

1 - Laser Diode
2 - Wire
3 - Power adapter
4. Eye protection

What to look for when buying a Laser Module

  • Laser engravers usually have 3 wire connectors, VCC, TTL/PWM and GND.
  • EBS Control Board outputs a Hi/Low 5v signal from its laser output, it will turn full On (100% duty cycle) most Laser diodes with an input range from 0 to 5v TTL/PWM.

  • Check the the laser specifications before you buy it.
  • TTL/PWM range has to be 0-5V for it to connect directly to the Control Board (higher range will need an adapter)

  • 12v 5A power adapter
  • Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we're here to help.

Wiring Diagram

  • M106 command = Laser On
  • M107 command = Laser Off